I came across your web site some weeks ago, and thought your "doodles" were really great.
So much so, that I decided to build a "working model" in 3D CAD, based upon a combination of your ideas, just to see what it might look like in "reality".
I based my model on the XS 1100, as this was the only source I had for reasonably accurate dimensions.

The motor is stock.
Rear swing arm :- converted to single side, and heavily beefed up
extended and modified to accept the 250 tyre
fitted with a mono-shock.
Steering is "Hydraulic", the pumps and actuators, etc, are housed within the front part of the Tank,
a small "ram" is built into the front "hub", which turns the wheel.
Front Suspension, uses Harley Soft-tail rear units, mounted below the motor.
Unfortunately, I am not an engineer, so I really couldn't say if my ideas are practical, probably not !!.
But I do enjoy creating these things, and would like to make a living at it one day, if I can find out how.

I wrote back saying it was fantastic and could he do one of Hoover?
He said he would!! And he did!

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NAME: byknuts
SUBJECT: kharra's art/hoover as reality
Hey there, really enjoying the site, glad it's gratis as fro kharra not being sure if the whole bike would will! all the technology's already here, just a matter of amalgamating them into the same bike...turbo'd hayabusa engine, HCs from a Bimota Tesi, little framework, cusotm wheels nowhere near impossible in other words...i've been sketching/scheming ever since i first saw hoover (like two weeks ago) money providing, it'd take me a couple months tops to get one built...any sponsors? : ) if I end up building hoover (which i might well do just for kicks) i'll make sure to let you know until then